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Tips for Traveling to Japan (Honbu Dojo)

Great Places to train in addition to Soke's class.

All Instructors are 15th Dan

Featured Dojo

Daishihan Sakuma Sensei

Daishihan Yukiyoshi Sakuma

Kasukabe Sakuma Dojo

〒344-0051 Kasukabeshi 1672

Tel: +81 90-3103-7681

Other Great Instructors in Japan 

Japanese Daishihan

  • Sakuma Sensei Dojo

  • Hosoda Sensei Dojo

  • Sakai Sensei

  • Furuta Sensei (Honbu Dojo)

  • Sakasai Sensei (Honbu Dojo)

Bujinkan Videos

Bujinkan Videos

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